Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, Carleton University


Ottawa, Ontario
Capital City of Canada

Architecture degrees

Undergraduate / pre-professional:
Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS)
Graduate / Professional / Post-professional:
Master of Architecture MArch (Two and three-year curricula)
Master of Architectural Studies MAS (post-professional program)
PhD in Architecture
Graduate Diploma in Architectural Conservation (GDAC)


Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism

Class size ratio
BAS Design: 1:15
BAS Conservation: 1:20
BAS Urbanism: 1:20

MArch: 1:13

Number of full time students: 540

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Mission & values

The mission of the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism is to lead in the development and delivery of programs of education and research in the intersecting fields of architecture and urbanism. Our undergraduate, professional, and doctoral degree programs enable responsible, visionary citizens with the capacity for innovative work at all scales in the built environment. Through meaningful relationships between the school and the community, we address complex political, economic, and technical questions that inform the production of buildings and cities.

University setting

Building 22 at Carleton University is a purpose-built architecture school that acts as a pedagogical tool and a model environment for creative learning. Its design displays a commitment to the exchange of ideas, the vitality of community, and democratic ideals. The Carleton University campus is located at the junctions of the Rideau River, Dow’s Lake, and the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the nation’s capital, Carleton offers proximity to government and cultural institutions, ample green space, and recreation areas, including Gatineau Park. The ASAU uses the Ottawa region as a design laboratory, working with community associations, developers, design professionals, and local governments to promote design excellence and advocate on behalf of the built environment. 

School philosophy

The Azrieli School emphasizes architectural design as a form of critical inquiry. It prepares students for engaging in a culturally rich, technologically dynamic, and globalized world. Together, our graduate students and faculty are shaping a provocative and socially minded space for design and debate.

School programs

Carleton’s undergraduate program in architecture is unique in Canada. Students applying to the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) program choose from among three majors: Design, Urbanism, or Conservation & Sustainability. The three majors follow parallel but specialized curricula. While each is design-oriented, the majors focus on different aspects and scales of the built environment. All three BAS majors offer Directed Studies Abroad (DSA) opportunities in the third year of studies and include a co-op option. All three majors prepare students for professional studies in architecture at the master’s level or advanced degrees in related disciplines.

The Master of Architecture is an accredited professional degree program. A rigorous studio and research pedagogy invites students to take critical positions on design, culture, technology, and the city. Advanced studios offer exciting opportunities to study with Visiting Critics from around the world. The ASAU also provides opportunities for studios abroad. In their final year, students spend two full semesters working on a thesis project; these make innovative contributions to architectural, technological, and humanistic research. Courses in the history and theory of architecture, advanced building systems, and digital tools and techniques contribute to a rich curriculum of creative and intellectual exploration. Options for the MArch course of study include the two-year MArch with Advanced Standing for students with a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture and the three-year (MArch 1) for students without a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture. 

The PhD in Architecture and Master in Architectural Studies are innovative and comprehensive programs inviting students to engage in critical forms of historical research oriented to contribute to architectural practice. The PhD rigorously prepares graduates for academic and professional fields. The MAS is intended for students wishing to pursue in-depth research on matters of architectural concern. Both programs aim at developing multidisciplinary and multimethod approaches to individual scholarship.

The Graduate Diploma in Architectural Conservation augments the professional Master of Architecture with a focus on architectural conservation. It consists of four credits dealing with architectural conservation theory and practice, adaptive reuse challenges, advanced digital technology and condition assessment, evaluation of heritage properties, urban studies, and repairing historical structures. Taught by a team of multidisciplinary experts, the program provides graduates with knowledge and skills in the process of decision-making in architectural conservation.

Areas of Focus

Building Technologies
Climate Change Adaptation 
Conservation and Sustainability 
Digital Design
Digital Fabrication
History, theory and criticism
Spatial Justice 

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